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What to Expect

Each visit is tailored towards each person’s specific needs and will include the following:

Lifestyle-Focused Hearing Consultation
We begin your visit by getting to know you and your specific hearing needs. It’s very helpful to us if you can tell us about your lifestyle and listening needs, i.e the kinds of hearing environments that are important to you. This allows us to develop a personalized solution for you, which provides you the ability to hear and enjoy life better.

Hearing Evaluation
A 15-20 minute hearing evaluation is performed in order to determine if you have hearing loss, and if so, what the severity may be. The audiologist will ask you to respond to series of various tones and words. The results of this evaluation will not only provide us with the information needed to develop your personalized treatment options, but will also establish a baseline from which we can measure any future changes.

Hearing Solutions
Once we have good understanding of all your hearing needs we will sit down together and discuss your treatment options. These customized solutions could range from simple behavior changes, to hearing amplification, or even to a medical referral.

Next Steps
It’s important to us to follow up with each person who visits us in order to provide the highest quality of care we strive for. Your follow up visits will be determined by your personal treatment decision and will be adapted as needed. Some are seen yearly and others monthly, but on average our patients are seen every three months.

Some Services

  • Notice of Financial Policies
  • Hearing Screenings & Testing
  • Noise Protection & Ear Plugs
  • Digital Hearing Aid Technology & Fittings
  • Routine Hearing Aid Maintenance
  • Life-focused Hearing Aid Maintenance


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