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Hearing Services

Hear Again Hearing Services, Loud and Clear

If you aren’t hearing things clearly, Hear Again Hearing Services can help.

Sometimes we find ourselves asking others to repeat themselves, unable to hear certain tones or sounds audible to most, or turning the car radio or TV volume up in order to hear it.

A simple hearing test, also know as a hearing screening to some, is the first step in the right direction for you to hear clearly once again.

Hearing Testing

From infant hearing screenings to the management of hearing loss in the elderly, Hear Again Hearing offers hearing testing and other hearing services that  meet the needs of patients of all ages.

Sometimes fixing hearing loss or hearing damage is as easy as prescribing an antibiotic or cleaning wax from your ears, other times you need to be fitted with a hearing aid.

Hearing Aids

Whether you are in need of a hearing aid, or currently use one, Hear Again strives to provide our patients with affordable solutions to their hearing problems. From hearing aid consultation to hearing aid maintenance, we offer digital hearing aid technology, hearing aid supplies, and hearing aid repair services.

Please see below for a full list of hearing services provided by Hear Again Hearing, and contact us for a hearing consultation if you live in the Stow, Tallmadge, or surrounding Ohio areas.


If you did not find the service that meets your particular needs, please do not hesitate to contact our office. More than likely we can help!

Some Services

  • Notice of Financial Policies
  • Hearing Screenings & Testing
  • Noise Protection & Ear Plugs
  • Digital Hearing Aid Technology & Fittings
  • Routine Hearing Aid Maintenance
  • Life-focused Hearing Aid Maintenance


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