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Treatment Options

At Hear-Again Hearing Center we want to give our patients the best hearing solutions available. That’s why we only work with companies who offer the finest quality of products with unsurpassed customer service.

Digital Hearing Aid Technology

Today’s technological improvements make hearing aids an excellent solution for irreversible hearing loss. There are several styles and technological features available to choose from. Bluetooth accessories improve hearing clarity while watching T.V., having cell phone conversations, or in noisy environments. The audiologist is here to help find the best solution for your lifestyle and hearing needs.

Noise Protection & Ear Plugs

The best way to treat hearing loss is to prevent it whenever possible! At Hear-Again Hearing Center we encourage everyone to protect your hearing so we offer all our patients custom and non-custom hearing protection for hunters, shooters, musicians, swimmers and more!

Cerumen (Ear Wax) Removal

An obstruction in the ear can limit hearing dramatically, but is easily treated when it comes to solving the question of hearing loss. The buildup of earwax (or cerumen) can be a common problem for all ages. When the ear produces too much wax, it becomes impacted, which can cause discomfort and significant hearing impairment.

Tinnitus Masker

When a person hears ringing, buzzing, or noises in their ears, it’s called tinnitus. It’s actually quite common but can be frustrating and can interfere with your hearing at home, work or other daily activities.

There are treatments that have been successful in helping to manage this problem. Although, due to of the varying levels of tinnitus, therapists have found that each person responds differently. Our audiologist will work with you to identify a treatment that works for you.

Some Services

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  • Noise Protection & Ear Plugs
  • Digital Hearing Aid Technology & Fittings
  • Routine Hearing Aid Maintenance
  • Life-focused Hearing Aid Maintenance


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